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Monday, 28 November 2011

What we were drinking in late November

The same wines crop up in consecutive posts, but here are some of the new whites and rosés - 2 Picpoul de Pinets, one from the local co-op in Pinet and the other from Claude Jourdan's Domaine Félines near Mèze, apparently the largest independent producer ion the appellation now, and one of our long-term favourites from the Wine Society.  Also a Grange Philippe (Ch Grès St Paul) Sauvignon Blanc, and a Gris des sables brought to us by a Canadian guest, Mr Montcalm, who had searched out the domaine Montcalm in the marshy area south of Saint Gilles which he thinks is linked to his family, but now run as a winery by new young makers.

As always a big mixture in the reds of inexpensive bottles brought to drink at shared meals, and special ones which we've either saved ourselves - a Jacob 2002 Savigny for example, or a St Joseph Septentrio from the Cave de Saint Désirat.  The Capucine on the left is another local discovery at our local caviste, who specialises in Languedoc wines.

A nice variety of sparklers this time including 3 bottles of Clairette de Die - a favourite since our link through twinning in the early 1990s, and a delicious sparkling rosé called Clandestine made from pinot noir by the excellent Didier Cornillon in the Drôme.  And we finally finished a nice bottle of Glenfiddich, one of several single malts we enjoy now and then!

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