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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Useful links

Some favourite web links:

Tom Cannavan's Wine Pages - including round-up of weekend newspaper recommendations each week, as well as worldwide information on wines and vineyards.

The wine anorak - Jamie Goode's excellent blog and wine pages for novice and enthusiast alike.

The Wine Society - a never-failing source of good and often excellent wines. You used to have to be a member to access this site but now it is open though you must join to buy, which is easy to do.

The Guide Hachette is one of the main French wine guides, and I buy it every year.  Not quite sure why when this website is so comprehensive and easy to use!  References to all the wines they have reviewed over the past several years.  They say the reviews are independent and based on blind tastings.  French wines only of course and in French!

The British wine mag Decanter has a daily email news alert - you can sign up and also see the latest wine news here:

3D Wines - operate a 'vineyard share' scheme which allows newcomers to French wines an easy way to visit vineyards and purchase good wine.  This helped me start my exploration of French vineyards, when Mary gave me a share in the Domaine Lucien Jacob in the Côte d'Or.

Caves du 41, Nîmes.  Like the better wine merchants in England, cvaistes in France are interesting if only as a source of wines from other regions from the one you happen to be in.  This one, near where we live in the Languedoc, specialises in Languedoc wines and often has vintages that are no longer on sale at the vineyard.  It was also one of the first places we visited on our quest for wine here in the early 2000s.  Its name originally came from its street number in the centre of town, but it seems to have moved to the western outskirts now, and a different number!

Finally the blog of wine blogs, Wine Blogger.

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